Rock is Dead #3: Doug Carrion

Our most punk rock episode to date! Mike and Ryan review The Misfits reunion show and talk with Doug Carrion. Doug has played with the bands; The Descendents, Dag Nasty, and Kottenmouth Kings. We talk about the early days of punk and hardcore and discuss the state of the music industry today.


Pixies: Godfathers (and Mother) of Grunge


In this episode we tell the story of a little Massachusetts Art-Punk-Folk-Rock band that breaks big in the UK while starting a new genre of music.

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Larry Norman:

Purple Tapes:

’89 Documentary:

Rage Against the Machine: Profits of Rage


Join in on our discussion of Rage Against the Machine. In this episode we talk about the history of the band and debate the authenticity of the bands politics. Are Rage the revolutionary real Macoy or just another cog in the mass media marketing machine?


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Zach Interview:

RATM First Show:

MC Hammer: Go for Broke


In this episode we discuss the rise and fall of a true showman: MC Hammer. Listen in as we tell the story of a preacher turned rapper, turned almost gansta rapper, turned preacher/rapper.

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Hammers House: